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Speaker & Host


Pastor Michele Luckey

Discipleship Class Syllabus

Section I - Introduction to Christian Discipline 


Definition of Christian discipline

Importance of discipline in spiritual growth 

Section II - Prayer & Meditation


   The role of prayer in Christian discipline

Meditation on Scripture


 Section III - Bible Study & Scripture Application

  Approaches to effective Bible Study

Application of biblical truth in daily life


Section IV - Fasting & Self-Control

   Understanding fasting in a Christian context

Developing self discipline through fasting

Section V - Generosity & Stewardship

  Biblical principles of stewardship

Giving as an act of love

Section VI - Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Healing through forgiveness

How to move past hurt

Start the process of reconciling

Section VII - Humility & Servanthood

Jesus as the model of humility

Serving others with a Christ-like atitude

Fall Class Schedule

September 16, 23, 30

October 7,  21

November 4, 11

All classes are on a Saturday and Discipleship Training begins at 9am. 

Levite Training follows at 10:30am

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